(Question): Why do I see the spelling of AUM on your website?

Answer: “OM” is a word. This original word (SHABDA-BRAHMA) contains ALL basic knowledge about NATURE, which governs the living and non-living things.”AUM” is not a word. When planet EARTH was formed, there was a sound, which was formed without clashing, clapping or brushing of two things, this sound is called AUMKAR (known as ANAHAT-DHWANI also known as BIG BANG). It is a sound in the UNIVERSE. “AUM” is spelled in three letters, it represent the power of TRINITY. Therefore in our website we do not spell as “OM”. “A” represent CREATOR (Lord Brahma), “U ” represent PRESERVATOR (Lord Vishnu) or CONTINUATION and the last “M” represent PERFECTION (Lord Mahesh or Shiva) or CONSUMMATION. It means all living and non-living things on this EARTH are subjected to THREE stages. “AUM” means three stages and it’s the basic sound also known as NAAD.

Question: What is the meaning of Diwali?

Answer: The festival of lights and lamps. Celebrated on the fourteenth and fifteenth (Amavasya) day of Ashwin and on the first and second day of Kartika.

Question: What do you mean by SAMADHI?

Answer: When we attain a state of fully developed (expansively and qualitatively) nineteen mediums (5- KOSHA’S or SHEATHS , 5 – KARMAENDRIYA or PERFORMING BODIES, 5- DNYANENDRIYA or KNOWLEDGE SENSORY ORGANS along with Five Tanmatra, 1 – INTELLECT (BUDDHI), 1- MIND (MAAN), 1- SUPERLATIVE-MIND (CHITT) AND 1- BLISS (AHAM-AKAAR)), we forget everything about self, and enjoy BLISS. In SAMADHI, bodily activities are entirely reduced to ZERO except slow breathing..

Question: What is the meaning of Urus?

Answer:Urus (also spelled as URS) is the death anniversary of a SUFI SAINT, usually held at the SAINT’S DARGAH (Shrine or Tomb). Celebration of a week with music,holy songs and fairs.

Question: Who are SUFI’s?

Answer:Those who follow the principle of HUMANITY are recognized as SUFI’s. Sufisim is a path, who believes / follows and has firm faith in SELFLESS services. They live life with 25% for self and family and 75% for others in good cause.

Question: Which SUFI’s have blessed our mission?

Answer:They are (1) Param Pujya Hajarat Haji Malangbaba (KALYAN, INDIA), (2) P.P. Salim Chisti (FATHEPUR SHIKRI , INDIA), (3) Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty also known as Gariban Nawaj of Ajmer (AJMER, INDIA), (4) P.P. Khwaja Bande Nawaj (GULBURGA, INDIA) and (5) P.P. Mohammad Jilani (BAGHDAD, IRAQ).

Question: Can you define Karma?

Answer:Karma is an Action or deed, good or bad, which is willfully taken in past births, also of the present birth which may become for future births. The premise of karma is this, every action is a cause that sooner or later will have an effect on the one who performed the action. Or, every deed produces its own fruit, which when ripe, falls onto the one who performed the deed.

Question: Can you define Mantra?

Answer:A set of words, on which the GURU had loaded his own “ENLIGHTENED SPIRIT” by repeated coating. These words with predetermined musical note, is called MANTRA. Repeatedly coating words with sound-waves, thought-waves and light-waves, turns those words into MANTRA, which has tremendous POWER and ENERGY. They work as LASER ENERGY. By chanting the MANTRA given by the GURU, devotee starts acquiring the latent spirit contained in the MANTRA, which process gradually improves inner latent qualities.

Question: How many times MANTRA should be chanted?

Answer:Number of chanting i.e.108 or 21 depend on the present state of the devotee. 108 is the preparation of AIR (21 times in proportion to Earth) to SPACE (108 times in proportion to Earth) and similarly 21 is the preparation of WATER (3 times in proportion to Earth) to AIR. One should remember the five elements EARTH, WATER,AIR, ETHER and FIRE and they are in 1 : 3 : 21 : 108 : (infinity)

Question: What do you mean by Namaste?

Answer:It means, “I bow to thee.” It is delivered while holding palms together.

Question: How many bodies do we have?

Answer:There are three bodies 1) Sthul Sharir or the Gross physical body 2) Sukshma Sharir or the Subtle body and 3) Karan Sharir or the Causal body.

Question: What do you mean by Guru?

Answer:The One who pulls out from darkness or ignorance.GU, meaning darkness or ignorance, and RU, meaning remover or dispeller.

Question: What do you mean by SUDGURU?

Answer:Sudguru is the SUPREME of the GURU. He has also attained oneness with GOD and who initiates others into the spiritual path and guides them to liberation. He has the power and knowledge of all the three lokas or plane of existence.

Question: What do you mean by Kosha?

Answer:Kosha means SHEATH. There are FIVE koshas that interpenetrate each other in every incarnated human being (1)Annamaya kosha (the food for the gross body) (2) Pranamaya Kosha (the breath for the etheric body)(3) Manomaya Kosha (Mind) (4) Vignanamayakosha (wisdom body) and (5) Anandamayakosha (bliss body).

Question: Can you name all the NAVNATHAS?

Answer:They are (1) Sri Machhindranath 2) Sri Gorakshnath (3) Sri Jalindarnath (4) Sri Kanifnath (5) Sri Charpatinath (6) Sri Nagnath (7) Sri Bhartarinath (8) Sri Revannath and (9) Sri Gahininath.

Question: What do you mean by SAI SHAKA?

Answer:Sai Shaka is an era. Our Sudguru DADA named the year commencing from April 14, 1983 Chaitra Prati Pada, as Sri Sai Shaka. In the memory of his SUDGURU SRI SAI BABA.

Question: What is GANDHA? How is it prepared?

Answer:Gandha is sandalwood paste. Gandha is prepared by rubbing (clockwise) a piece of sandal wood on a round stone, made from fine earth material, this stone also represent the PRITHVI (EARTH) TATWA (ELEMENT). One of the five element. When the Sandalwood is getting rubbed, it continuously releases its pleasant perfume with a sense of gratitude, similarly our body is like a piece of sandalwood and it should be gradually tapered to work for the welfare of the world.

Question: Why do we apply Gandha on the Divine Saint photographs or Statues?

Answer:Gandha is applied on the forehead, midpoint of the chest and the two toes. These points are very pious and gracious; it is symbolic of good fortune and piety. Their true and pious mission rests in their heart. The implication of applying Gandh is that though we see them in the photographs or statues in the form of gross body, they are the incarnation of the Divine Energy in the body form and the life is devoted for the welfare of the humanity and every living being on this EARTH.

Question: What do you mean by Achaman and what is the effect?

Answer:While starting the worship, one should sip three spoons full of water and one spoon to be dropped in the dish, the process to be repeated twice and while doing it, one should recite “I bow to Kehava”, “I bow to Narayana”, “I bow to Madhava” and the last one “I bow to Govinda” . The sipping of water is called ACHAMAN. This is performed so that the three bodies are present at the time of worship. By sipping the water twice, the Sthool sharir (Gross body) and the Sukshma sharir (Subtle body) comes together and the third body Karan sharir (Causal body) will automatically be present when one is performing the prayers or worship.

Question: What is the meaning of Worship or POOJA?

Answer:During the course of the day, we all perform various acts, actions, activities, deeds etc… Those are performed through talking (Vacha) and also by physical actions (Kaya). Since both talking and physical actions are not complimentary to each other, hence those are not conducive to natural health-growth. Hence such undesired actions are to be nullified; otherwise those activities are present around our body in form of sound-waves. There should be concentration in all our activities (kaya and Vacha should connect, than mind automatically remains present to complete the actions which are conducive to natural-health, whereby our nineteen mediums starts progressing qualitatively and expansively = VIKAS). Worshipping or pooja helps us to maintain natural-health balance.

Question: What is the meaning of ASAN?

Answer:Asan means seat. While worshipping we have to SIT, in a CLEAN PLACE and on a woolen square piece (called ASAN), so that negative energy which are in sound-wave, thought-wave and energy-wave get detached from the body and passes through the tiny holes of ASAN and get grounded in the earth. The woolen part of the ASAN retains energy in the body, as wool is bad conductor of the energy. You sit on and perform your daily worship. It should be of light in color and should not be of multi color. When the prayer is performed the washing of the defects and the impurities residing in the gross body get dissolve through the medium of the seat, therefore one should have their OWN SEPARATE asan and wash their asan daily (if its cotton) and once a month on Amavasya day (NEW MOON DAY) if it is made of wool.

Question: What is Haldi, Kumkum?

Answer: Haldi is a natural product and its properties are similar to those of COSMIC DUST, which is radiated mainly from SUN. Haldi has to be applied on the centre of the forehead (especially ladies) to evoke latent natural energy. Kumkum has similar properties BUT in reduced quantity, BUT it has holding capacity of good energies and reflects evil spirits, present in the atmosphere.

Question: What is the meaning of PRASAD?

Answer:While worshipping or doing pooja, Grace, blessings, sound waves, energy waves and the thought waves are reflected by IDOLs or HOLY PHOTOGRAPHS etc… These get absorbed in PRASAD and become a carrier. PRASAD is of three types (1)Coconut for POOJA – It is used for POOJAN or Worshipping. (2) Sweets – It is used for SEVAN or Consumption. (3) Thread and UDI – For DHARAN or Assuming grace for PROTECTION/BALANCING physical and spiritual energies.

Question: What is Niranjan (DIYA), Agarbatti (INCENSE STICK), Dhoop or LOBAN?

Answer:We all derive vital energy from SUN. Therefore it has to be worshipped FIRST, hence before starting pooja, a Niranjan (DIYA, LAMP or CANDLE) is lighted. Shape is somewhat like this of a Niranjan. Top triangle represents COSMOS (Brahmand) and the lower represents HUMAN BODY (PIND). Wick represents HUMAN BODY and the GHEE or OIL represents LIFE of Human body. The moral behind this is LIVE LIFE TO GIVE ENERGY AND LIGHT TO OTHERS. In short, LIVE for others, or live as Human and service HUMANITY.

Question: What do you mean by NIRAKARAN and NIVARAN?

Answer: NIRAKARAN is a method by which difficulties are removed. There are different types of SEVA or POOJA to be performed by the devotee and these are primarily for eradication – hereditary defects, obligation omission or fulfillment of incomplete deeds. Some are for incomplete worshipping by individual or of family religious traditions. Our GURU has spent most valuable time in formulating set of NIRAKARAN. Those are concerned with living person, late person, and deities. Unless one can exercise his control on present life (EHALOKA) and lives of late person (PARLOKA or ESCHATOLOGY), Nirakaran cannot be fruitful. NIVARAN means to remove or make free. When devotee performs certain SEVA or POOJA instructed by the GURU with devotion, the defects are removed and the devotee is free from the obstacles etc.

Question: Explain SPIRITS and SPIRITUALITY?

Answer: SPIRITS is the energy which cannot be seen or shown, yet its presence or actions are felt or seen. We can smell with our nose but we cannot show where the scent in the air is. It is so thin and sparse.SPIRITUALITY We have five physical / performing bodies – EAR, EYES, NOSE, TONGQUE and SKIN. Tongue is used to utter words. Words is a medium (TANMATRA) of space. Word constitutes most powerful and effective sound waves, thought waves and energy waves. Sharp uttered words can be piercing, destructive weapon. On the other hand GOOD uttered words can be constructive and can attain purification of all nineteen mediums. We have to study their ways and means. Science which deals with such thin, super things and organs is SPIRITUALITY. In Hindu Vedic holy books (VEDAS) ways and means are discussed. In short SPIRITUALITY is to study (1) Gross or Physical body (STHOOL DEHA) (2) Subtle body (SUKSHMA DEHA) and (3) Causal body (KARAN DEHA). Its a connection to a metaphysical reality greater than oneself, which may include a state of peace and enlightenment.

Question: What is Shakti Peeth?

Answer:Universe is governed by law of TRINITY (Creation, Preservation or Confirmation and Perfection or Consummation). Three concentrated energy controls three different sector and their activities. Male side is known as BRAHMA, VISHNU and MAHESH. Female side is known as MAHASARASWATI, MAHALAXMI and MAHAKALI. Each person or family is controlled by a pair of above spirits. This is according to proportion of FIVE ELEMENTS (Earth, Water, Air, Ether and Fire) in formation of each individual. With passage of time, co-relation of deities and family got distorted and there has been lot of displease, discordance, amongst family members. Hence the society is, at present, in a miserable state and family in particular is discontented. Realizing this, Sudguru DADA our guru, under the guidance of his Master and Jagad guru SAINATH Maharaj appealed all deities to UNITE and form a single ENTITY. They all agreed, hence PRATIMA came into existence. United energies of deities is called as SHAKTI PEETH, which is a confluence or merging of all six energies (MALE and FEMALE) that governs and control living things, particularly human-beings. There is only one place on this earth where all energies have merged and is resting in GOA, INDIA.

Question: What is PRATIMA?

Answer:Pratima is the MICRO version on SHAKTI PEETH. They are distributed in Three (1) Sai Sak Pratima (2) Karan Pratima (3) Mahakaran Pratima. Fourth Pratima is called NARAYANI, is the supreme-stage to be attained by an individual (NARAYANI AVASTHA) that is Think good, Act well and Live good of all.

Question: What is ANUSTHAN?

Answer:Means respectfully and submissively appease GOD and GODDESSES (Divine Super Natural Power) to be present in the family for a day to accept family worship. This Super Power or Energy is present and activated on Anusthan days for passing on their grace and blessings.

Question: Why is ANUSTHAN done on Amavasya and Paurnima days?

Answer:On these two days the planetary position of the SUN and MOON is such that SUN’s energy is most on mavasya day and Moon is least and vice-a-versa on Paurnima day.SUN activates soul and MOON activates mind. It is easier to rinse our subtle body and activate our Causal body. On all other days we gather or accumulate deeds which are not conducive to natural-health.Hence those can be reduced or removed from the body by doing ANUSTHAN.

Question: Who is Lord Duttatreya?

Answer:Incarnation of ALMIGHTY with stages (Creation – Utpatti, Continuation or Preservation – Sthiti and Consummation or Perfection – Laya). Duttatreya have three faces. Each face represents each stage, 1) Sri Pad Sri Vallabha – 1320AD to 1350AD (First AVATAR) in Pithapur, Andrapradesh, India-PADUKA established in KURAVPUR, INDIA. 2) Sri Narasimha Saraswati – 1378AD to 1458AD (Second AVATAR) in Karanjapur, Maharashtra, India – PADUKA established in AUDUMBAR, INDIA. 3) Sri Swami Smartha – Also known as Akkalkot Swami – 1878AD took Samadhi (Third AVATAR) in Ganagapur (Karnataka State), India.

Question: Why Coconut is used in pooja or worship?

Answer:Coconut is the only fruit which has four elements of NATURE present out of FIVE (Earth, Water, Air, Ether and Fire). So when it’s used in pooja, automatically the fifth element i.e. FIRE gets coated on to it and it becomes a carrier of grace and blessings.

Question: When does the Human body reaches near PERFECTION?

Answer:The human body is borne through the five natural elements (Panch Mahabhutas) and they are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The functions of these Five natural elements are identified through Panch Tanmatras (qualities of Five Natural elements) that is Earth is Odour (Gandha), Water is Taste (Rasa), Fire is Form (Roop), Air is Touch (Sparsha) and Ether is Sound (Shabdha) and the knowledge of LIFE around us gets borne in the Panch Koshas (Five Sheaths) and later this knowledge becomes functional through four medias which are called Buddhi (intellect), Mana (mind), Chitta(Subconscious mind) and Aham Aakar(Self coming to FULL STAGE). When the human body gets all the above nineteen mediums, 5 (Panch Mahabhutas) +5 (Panch Tanmatras) +5 (Panch Koshas) +Buddhi +Mana +Chitta + Aham Aakar than it reaches near perfection.

Question: What is 84 lakhs (8.4 million) Yoni?

Answer:YONI is not a word and also it’s not numerical, which refers to living beings. In order to attain perfection of body medium, 5 Dyanendriyas (organs-Nose, Taste, Eyes, Skin, Ears) + 5 Karmendriyas (Power of Procreation, Excreation, Movements, Grasping and Speech) + 5 Koshas (Sheaths-Annamaya (food), Pranmaya (air), Manomaya (mind), Vignanamaya (wisdom), Anandamaya (bliss) + Buddhi (Gross body mind), have to go through EACH FIVE NATURAL ELEMENTS (Panch Mahabhutas). In other words these SIXTEEN elements in each stage have to enter Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. In other words they become 16 x 5 = 80. Thereafter the first INTELLECT is acquired in Buddhi (Gross body mind), when the intellect attains knowledge or power to understand, the MIND of the subtle body gets developed. When mind attains the micro stage the CHITTA (Subconscious mind) of the Causal body gets developed and finally the total perfect development merges in the AHAM AAKAR (Self coming to FULL STAGE). Thus, transformation through 80+4=84 Stages are 84 Lakhs or 8.4million YONIS.

Question: How we can achieve Happiness, Contentment and Peace in our life?

Answer: When BUDDHI (mind of the Gross body) attains intellect and further transformed into KNOWLEDGE, it gives HAPPINESS. When the MIND of the subtle body develops, we get CONTENTMENT and when CHITTA (Subconscious mind) of the Causal body gets developed, we get PEACE. In short, whatever subjects we come in contact in our life get first borne in the INTELLECT. When we acquire complete knowledge of those subjects we get HAPPINESS, this happiness leads to CONTENTMENT by the subtle body mind. When the subtle body MIND develops fully, CHITTA gets borne. CONTENTMENT gets borne in the CHITTA (mind of the Causal body) which is fully immersed in pure PEACE. When CHITTA is fully developed, AHAM-AKAR gets borne (Self coming to FULL STAGE of KNOWLEDGE). In this final stage, PURE and SERENE JOY spreads from all direction through the BODY MEDIUM.